memory foam

the bed has come between us
furniture and issue
when night comes on.
while you sleep
the blue angels bust
the sound barrier.
while you sleep
the lumberjack
whizzes saw blades
and my dreams go boom
and poof—
I wake in the next room.

bedroom walls
have come between us
blocking the bombardiers
keeping the locomotives
from jumping tracks.
no more jackhammers
blasting holes in the night.

the bed has come between us
for good.
I am the perfect sleeper
get my beauty rest
beat my chest like King Koil
in victory
over the “Hammerklavier Sonata”
which you conduct next door
and like Beethoven
never hear.

I have chosen sleep
traded sonic booms
for silence
but I have not forsaken you
as long as my skin remembers
where you fit.

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