I am a chronic chronicler. I write, take pictures, and make lists obsessively. I also like to break things and put them back together in a random, yet tasteful, order—whether it’s words or images or plates or electronics. I make the big small and the small big. 

My MFA thesis—Let Me Eat Cake: A Celebration of Flour, Sugar, Butter, Eggs, Vanilla, Baking Powder, and a Pinch of Salt—was published in April 2009 by Simon & Schuster. It is part narrative, part history, part folklore, part reportage, and all fun—like a many-layered cake.

In 2012, Finishing Line Press published BOYGIRLBOYGIRL, my first poetry chapbook.

The following is an incomplete list of my written and artistic work.


BOYGIRLBOYGIRL (Finishing Line Press, May 2012, paper)

Let Me Eat Cake: A Celebration of Flour, Sugar, Butter, Eggs, Vanilla, Baking Powder, and a Pinch of Salt (Simon & Schuster, April 2009, hardback) 

essays, articles, white papers—ghost-written

“More Than Meds: How Pharmacy Can Contribute to Health Equity,” by Tony Thanicatt, VP of Pharmacy and Michael Martin, PharmD, RPh, Director of Pharmacy Services

“Believing is Seeing: How Technology Affects Health Equity,” by Robert Posner, Chief Technology Officer

Coordinate, Collocate, Collaborate: How to Achieve True Clinical Integration,” By David Applegate, M.D.; Susan Padrino, M.D.; and Faith Tarver, Vice President of Behavioral Health

The Need for Need-Based Care: How to Achieve Equity in Healthcare,” by Anoop Raman, MD, MBA

Treating the Casualties of the War on Drugs: Decriminalizing Substance Use Disorder,” James Petit, MD

Minorities are the Mental Health Majority: Destigmatizing Mental Health Care and Disrupting the Status Quo,” Faith Tarver

What a Difference Diversity Makes: How Workplace Diversity Improves Customer Service,” Vivian Bright

Shelter, Food, Sleep, and Clothing: The Care Before Healthcare,” Heather McKenzie

Removing the Barriers to Equitable Healthcare,” Anoop Raman, MD

Diabetes and You: Giving Patients the Keys to Their Success,” Elif Sonel, MD

In-House EMS: The New 911,” Jullette Saussy, MD

People, Place, Purpose: The New Collaborative Care Model,” Susan Padrino, MD

Hygiene to Go: Making Hygiene Portable During COVID and Beyond,” Melissa McClain

How Housing is Healthcare,” Brad Mendelson

The Member Fund: Investing in our Members,” Cali Watkins Lackaye

“Telehealth: BC and AC,” by Daniel Levy, O.D, CPHM

“Oral Healthcare After COVID-19: Dental services after the state of emergency,” by Dr. Roger Adams, Associate National Dental Director, Utah, Avesis

“Managing Oral and Ocular Care During a State of Emergency,” by Dr. Michael Exler, Chief Dental Officer, Government, Guardian and Avēsis, and Dr. Daniel B. Levy, Chief Optometric Officer, Guardian and Avēsis

“How the Coronavirus Pandemic Has Worsened Chronic Diseases,” by Daniel Levy, O.D, CPHM

“Mask Breath? Nope. That’s on You,” by Dr. Michael Exler, Chief Dental Officer, Guardian and Avesis

“Case Study: Meeting the Challenge of Delivering Health Services to Youth in Foster Care,” by Seema Anandan

essays, articles—byline

“All About My Father or “You Want it? Buy it,” (Baltimore Fishbowl)

“A new way of looking at human shapes” (The Hub: Johns Hopkins news, online)

“Robotics researcher fascinated, inspired by animal movement” (The Hub: Johns Hopkins news, online)

“Gross sits at intersection of philosophy and science” (The Hub: Johns Hopkins news, online)

“Making waves to fight cancer” (The Hub: Johns Hopkins news, online)

“The Darkroom Goes Dark” (Arts & Sciences, Fonline and print)

“Art and Amnesia: Solving Recovery’s Puzzles” (Arts & Sciences, online and print)

“Summer Camp Revamp” (Baltimore Fishbowl, online)

“Chris Ford Redirects Baltimore School for the Arts (Baltimore Fishbowl, online)

Yelling Is Her Calling for Baltimore Fishbowl (online)

“Lost and Found” (Johns Hopkins Magazine, online and print)

“World Lit” (Johns Hopkins Magazine, online and print)

Desperately Seeking Resurrection (Style Magazine, print)

Kid Rock (Baltimore Magazine, online and print)

A Tale of Two Thanksgivings (Style Magazine, online and print)

Rock On (Style Magazine, online and print)

Three Bites (Brevity, 28, online)

Spotlight: Andy Bopp, Bopp Till You Drop (Style Magazine, print)

Spotlight: Rick Shelley, Winging It (Style Magazine, print)

Lists: A List (SNReview, online )

Keeping Up With Jonestown (Urbanite, online and print)

My work—features, reviews, op-eds, essays, interviews, and cover stories—appeared in print in the following papers and magazines: Weight Watchers, City Paper, Baltimore Sun, Organic Gardening, and more. I also published a magazine called Joe, a coffee companion that was a literary magazine filled with news and local color; it was one of the most popular magazines ever sold at Borders!


“Smiling, Smoking Mom” (Loch Raven Review, online)

“It Is Margaret” (JMWW, print)

“The Pious Enigma” (City Paper, First Place Fiction, print)


“Intersection” (Baltimore Review, online and print) 

The Boys and Girls We’ll Always Be (Baltimore Fishbowl, online and print)

Quiescence (Junk Lit, online only)

“Bird, Plane” and “Odd Jobs” (Words on War, Poetry CD)

Goat and Labor Day (Rock Heels, online)

The End (Babel Fruit, online with recording)

Rubber Tree (Main Street Rag, online)

I was poetry editor of City Paper and guest edited The Pearl, Baltimore’s oldest continuously published literary magazine. My poems have appeared in Gargoyle, Main Street Rag, Kit-Cat Review, Sojourn, Attic, Manorborn, Maryland Poetry Review, Octopus Dreams, City Paper, and more.


Box (online only, illustration for poem “Quiescence”)

Burke’s—RIP, patch.com

Floater (The Rambler, print)

11 photographs (Brevity, online)

Can You Hear the Myracle Brah (Myracle Brah album cover and inside photos)

Bugly (qarrtsiluni, online)

My photographs have been published in City Paper, Baltimore Magazine, and Style Magazine, and have appeared on the cover of Penn Union (the Johns Hopkins Literary Magazine) and Manorborn, as well as having been used in many commercial endeavors, including books, magazines, album cover, and ads.


The Front Burner (Medifast; scripts and photography)

Look What We Did!  (Look What I Did, HGTV)

Backing vocals on Love’s Hysterical, Big Man, Moguls in Training, and The Possum Song, for Mark Harp

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