stepping away from the cake

The scale at Weight Watchers showed a 3.4-pound loss after the first week. That’s almost three and a half pounds of cake research (and beer research and Halloween candy research, et al.) gone. I realize it’s time to step away from the cake in other ways, too.

As you know, I don’t blog about confections, though I used to when I was working on The Book. Those days are gone now, and, though I would have loved a bestseller, I have to face some hard facts: I’m no Chesley Sullenberger. I’m no Sarah Palin. I didn’t live through Columbine. And these are tough times. Some of us can’t even afford a Ding Dong, much less a book that disses a few of them.

So I’ve redesigned my website to reflect my for-hire photography skills, and I’ve fixed my blog to reflect that I am more than my first book (and even my second book).

It’s not a sweet parting of ways. I’m disappointed that Let Me Eat Cake won’t be released in paperback, that it could easily wind up in the cut-out bin, that I didn’t get on The View or feed cake to Stephen Colbert. And I could have done a lot more to promote myself.

I don’t have that kind of head—the kind that can hand out business cards by the dozen to strangers and friends, that can impose on people, that can beg, that can toot my own horn in any but the can-you-believe-the-luck?! way. And most of the people who can do that are overbearing and obnoxious. For me, it would have been like wearing clothing that’s many sizes too big; I would have lost myself.

That doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t ask, every so often (but not face-to-face!) that you buy the remaining copies of The Book, especially from your independent retailer, if a copy can be found there. I worked really hard on it, I tell you tearfully, if the truth be told. And it’s funny. And the person you give it to this holiday season will probably really like it a lot.

In fact, I have two signed books I would like to sign and give away, completely free, even the shipping. Here are the conditions. 1. If you like the book, please post a favorable review on Amazon and B&N. And 2.) Please share it with at least one other person. Leave an email address in your comment, and I will put your names in a hat and have a drawing next Monday.

(P.S. You can still see old Cake posts and links to author interviews and reviews at The Cake Life.)

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