when you call me that, smile

Two days ago, my new website accidentally went live. If you visit lesliefmiller.com (also known as let-me-eat-cake.com), you can watch some pretty pictures go by and not much else, as I haven’t gotten the text portions quite figured out. But feel free to leave me feedback here, if you’d like. I’m certain I won’t be able to address it, as I’m particular with design but devoid of all but the most basic technological savvy.

The accidental site launch created the urgent need for a redesigned blog to match, which means I’ll be officially abandoning my already-neglected previous blogs—which include A Doggy’s Life, The Cake Life, and Oh, Foodie!—to neglect my author’s blog.

Though I’m choosing a more professional-looking route, I’m sure I will say something that makes you just as angry or frustrated as my casual, damn-the-universe blogs. I will still be moderating comments, but that doesn’t mean I won’t include alternate views. It just means that I’d like to keep it friendly. In other words, if you are calling me a bitch, you’d better be spelling that b-e-y-o-t-c-h and saying it with a smile.

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